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CinchFit Fitted Sheet is an adjustable fitted sheet with built-in drawstrings that fits on all types of mattresses, even those that are thin or irregularly shaped.

Manufactured in Maine since 2014, all products are hand sewn by seamstresses. Started as a product for thinner boat cushions, CinchFit sheets are now the preferred product for Adjustable Mattresses including Split Flex Mattresses.


What is a CinchFit Fitted Sheet?

CinchFit Fitted Sheet is a fitted sheet with a built-in set of drawstrings to cinch the sheet into place. Unlike many other drawstring type fitted sheet designs, our design includes traditional braided elastic sew throughout the hem and a high quality cord elastic.

The combination provides the ideal cinching action for beds that are thinner or continually in movement. Cord locks allow the sheet to be both cinched it tighter and un-cinch it to fit more loosely. A storage pocket designed specifically to integrate with the sheet casing and with braided elastic in the design, allows for the cording to be completely protected from exposure outside of the sheet which could cause the cording to catch or be a hazard to people or pets.

The cord locks with cording running through them are exposed between the casing and storage pocket. The storage pocket is constructed in a contrasting color from the sheet color to define the side of the sheet which enables our customers to easily determine how the sheet should be orientated on the mattress for easy bed making.

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, we are adding beautiful labels sewn into the fitted sheet to also define the Head, Foot and other Side of the fitted sheet to allow customers to get the sheet orientation right the first time – every time!

CinchFit Fitted Sheet

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